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Modern art of the mid century is typified by colorful abstract prints, mid century functional pottery, and great sculptures.  The piece that can bring a sense of nature to a minimalist room with little interruption is imperative.  The forms can sometimes mirror the furniture, or the forms can bring a sense of structure to an otherwise random feel of a modern living area. 

Modern art is somewhere between abstract and pop.  Jean Arp is one artist whom I think bridges the gap, as does Andy Warhol and Keith Haring.  The art pieces, whether a painting or a lithograph print, are often of bright colors, simply framed to pop against an otherwise clean space. 

Studio pottery, whether of a simple tall vase or the abstract work of Peter Voulkos, can add height to a room and bring in the element of earth.  the glazes can be as simple as white or as complex as rudy Autio's painted pieces.  Some are not even glazed, simply wood fired to bring out the natural characteristics of the clay and form.